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Y!KES! is a streetwear apparel brand with a focus on expanding and partaking in street culture around the world. Born and bred in Stockton, CA, we are heavily influenced and inspired by aspects of graffiti culture, skate culture, hip hop, and more, which is reflected in the garments we produce. We aim to provide high quality, visually stimulating, and environmentally sustainable streetwear while staying true to the origins and histories of the cultures surrounding it. 


Our website displays our creative endeavors, as well as other local creatives we admire. Currently our emphasis is on the Black Lives Matter Movement. Our homepage features links to other websites where you can familiarize yourself with the movement and find resources. Our “Songs for the Movement” section showcases rap songs that speak firsthand on the injustices and hardships that black people face in America. It serves as a reminder of what the Black Lives Matter movement is fighting for. The “Artist Spotlight” page highlights talented local artists, rappers, DJ’s and other creatives. Finally, our “Gallery” page displays our photoshoots which feature local models and sometimes guest photographers.

We currently operate out of San Jose, CA.

Thank you for supporting a small, local business.